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Basement Drying Equipment Hire

Basements tend to lack air circulation and are prone to mould and odour. To combat these we have a range of different dehumidifiers to help restore circulation and maintain humidity to safe levels.

Our company specialises in basement drying equipment hire across Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We are number one in all floor basement drying equipment. We deliver and pick up, 24/7 services with any water damage or flooding job. We have the right equipment to dry the walls and floors in minimal time.

We have special dehumidifiers available in different sizes to suit any basement, mini to large dehumidifiers. We also have air movers/carpet dryers in different sizes for all your needs for basements, under stairs and in wooden cupboards and wardrobes, large rooms floors and walls, storage rooms and offices.

We have specialist dehumidifiers to dry out documents and meeting rooms. We have industrial dehumidifiers available for indoor swimming pool areas. These places tend to get high humidity levels due to water evaporation. Gyms and sport centres always get high humidity and stuffy air. All our dehumidifiers are guaranteed to eliminate the humidity and clear the air. Once that is done the units turn off automatically.

Call us now to help you dry any area of your home or business premises in Sydney, Brisbane or on the Gold Coast on 0488 963 678.

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