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Storm Damaged Carpet Repairs - Prices and Costs

Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane

"Do you have carpet water damage from flooding or storms; wet floors? You can count on us..."

Carpet Water Damage Price List

Emergency Storm Water Damaged Carpet Repair Price List

  • Carpet water damage extraction from $180
  • Antibacterial treatment $80
  • Carpet air dryers rental from $69
  • Commercial dehumidifier rental from $149
  • Large commercial air dryers from $79
  • Re-stretch and re-lay carpet from $150
  • Hire Air Scrubbers $99 per day

Air Scrubbers

Hire Air Scrubbers in Sydney

An Air Scrubber is a portable filtration system that removes particles, gasses and/or chemicals from the air in a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants. We use the Air Scrubbers in common areas where there is minimal air flow/ windows. Available at $99 per day hire, free setup and delivery in Sydney, Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

Hire Air Scrubbers in Sydney

Storm and flooding carpet water damage repairs in Sydney. We have emergency storm damage and wet carpet restoration teams available 24/7 for all carpet drying and wet carpet repairs.

Drying equipment for wood surfaces, floors or walls; wet carpet or concrete available to hire. We also do free moisture checks.

Refresh Carpet Cleaning and Emergency Storm Wet Carpet Repairs hires carpet and floor drying equipment. If you are looking for wet carpet water extraction, water damage repairs, wet carpet air dryers and dehumidifiers with free delivery, please call us now on 0488 963 678.

We offer first class professional carpet water extraction solutions after damage from a storm when it comes to carpet water damage, responding in less than one hour and offering same day drying services.
We have a fast response and best solution carpet drying policy, for all your carpet water damaged carpet needs. We are 24/7 on call service for carpet water damage and carpet extraction drying services. water damaged carpet repair prices Sydney
We do carpet emergency storm water damage from A to Z..

Our wet carpet repair and carpet water damage from storms restoration services include moving furniture away from water damaged carpets, carpet water extraction, carpet drying and free carpet drying equipment rental and set up, antibacterial treatment and insurance reports.

Carpet Dryer and Dehumidifiers Sydney

Hire carpet air dryers or dehumidifiers, wet carpet water extraction machines by calling us now on 0488 963 678. and we will give you the best price including delivery, set up and pick up.

Hire carpet air blowers in any Sydney suburb by booking online, email us today.

Clean and disinfect wet carpet after carpet water damage to prevent mould and carpet water marks or brown stains.

Our technicians have wet vacuum machines, truckmounts and portables for extracting water from carpet underlay and wooden floors. We have air dryers for rental, free delivery of dehumidifiers.

Carpet Dryer and Dehumidifiers Sydney emergency carpet cleaning Sydney
  • We re-lay carpet back after water damage has been repaired
  • Moisture check - Free
  • Drying equipment hire 24/ 7 for All sydney metro area
  • Free delivery of all drying equipment: Air Blowers or Dehumidifiers & Carpet Water Extraction machines

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