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How to Dry Stairs and Built-in Cupboards

How do we dry carpet, underlay and sub floors in a wardrobe? We first do water extraction, then uplift the carpet to dry the underlay and subfloors, concrete slab. We also install a commercial de-humidifier in the room to withdraw all moisture from floors, walls and furniture.

In some cases it can be tricky and difficult to reach and dry all carpet and underlay and subfloors in a built-in wardrobe, but we always find solutions. Sometimes the area is narrow or the carpet and underlay is hidden, as the cupboard inside the wardrobe is built onto to the carpet.

Sometimes the carpet is easy to remove and can be removed and hung outside to dry or taken to our warehouse. After the carpet and underlay and concrete slab has been dried, we re-lay and do a steam clean, applying antibacterial treatment to protect the carpet and prevent mould.

If your stairs are flooded, we do a water extraction and uplift the carpet on the steps, and dry them with the dryers and de-humidifiers. Technicians assess the carpet. If the water is dirty we may need to remove the underlay and replace with brand new underlay. Call us now to help you dry your stairs and wardrobe carpets 0488 963 678.

Wet Built-in Wardrobe and Wet Stair FAQs

My wardrobe carpet is wet and there is a built-in cupboard on top of the carpet, can it be saved and dried?

Yes we can dry and save it with carpet dryers and de-humidifiers. De-humidifiers withdraw all the moisture and water, even the water you cannot see.

Help! My stairs are wet, can they be dried?

Yes we have the right solutions to dry each stair with carpet, including drying underlay and subfloors.

How long does the carpet on my stairs take to dry?

This depends if the water is clean or dirty. If it is clean it can take 2-3 days, if it's dirty water it can take 2 days, and we change the underlay for you.

Our water damage services include:

  • Removing wet carpet and disposal if necessary
  • Removing mouldy underlay
  • Removing mouldy smooth edge
  • Disinfecting floors

Carpet water extraction involves the excess water in the carpet and underlay being extracted / removed with a powerful extraction machine. Carpet water extraction services become easy with Refresh Carpet. We have the right equipment for any water damage job.

drying stair carpet and reading moisture drying carpet in built in cupboard drying carpet in built in cupboard drying carpet in built in cupboard

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